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Natural fibre and woven vinyl wall-to-wall carpeting is the perfect addition to any house or commercial space. It offers the durability, style and warmth to match your decor scheme.
Whether you're considering covering your dining room, bedroom or boardroom, Rebtex has the fabric for you. Our highly experienced team know how to set out your installation so that it will look its best. Browse through our FAQs below, and click on one of the "Enquire" buttons below a fabric to find out more.
Our wall-to-wall fabric range
  • Sisal Fine Boucle Bark
  • Sisal Fine Boucle Colour Chocolate
  • Sisal Fine Boucle Colour Yucatan
  • Sisal Fine Boucle Dove
  • Sisal Fine Boucle Eldorado
  • Sisal Fine Boucle Grey
  • Sisal Fine Boucle Nature
  • Sisal Fine Boucle Sahara
  • Sisal Fine Jacquard Colour Serengeti
  • Sisal Fine Jacquard Serengeti Grey
  • Sisal Flat Cork
  • Sisal Heavy Boucle Colour Corral
  • Sisal Heavy Boucle Eldorado
  • Sisal Heavy Boucle Pewter
  • Sisal Heringbone Kalahari
  • Sisal Herringbone Kalahari Pewter
  • Sisal Jacquard Chunky Marble
  • Sisal Jacquard Colour Duna
  • Sisal Jacquard Colour Wind
  • Sisal Panama Candy Stripe
  • Sisal Panama Colour Jaribu
  • Sisal Panama Colour Vitori Grey
  • Sisal Panama Colour Vitoria Black
  • Sisal Panama Colour Vitoria Blue
  • Sisal Tigers Eye Ash
  • Sisal Tigers Eye Kari
  • Sisal Tigers Eye Sahara
  • Sisal Vista Brown
  • Jute Basket Weave
  • Jute Boucle
  • Seagrass Herringbone
  • Mountain Grass Everest
  • Mountain Grass Kilimanjaro
  • Sisal Floor Tile FBE 2-3
  • Sisal Floor Tiles FBE 1-3
  • Sisal Floor Tiles FBE 1-4
  • Sisal Floor Tiles FBE 2-1.
  • Sisal Floor Tiles FBE 2-2
  • Sisal Floor Tiles FBE1-1
  • Sisal Floor Tiles FBE1-2
  • Sisal Floor Tiles FBE2 - 4
  • Sisal Floortiles Bark
  • Coir Boucle Sisal Mix
  • Coir Doormat 20mm Thickness Cut to Size or Wall to Wall Entrance Mat/Floor recess.
  • Coir Herringbone
  • Coir Panama Grey 2.0 meter wide
  • Woven Vinyl "Click" Planks 610mmX210mm. Available in Variety of Colours to order.
  • Woven Vinyl Bamboo 2502
  • Woven Vinyl Chevron Remix 2CA5
  • Woven Vinyl Floor Tiles Linen "look" 5108. Available to order. Min Quantities may apply
  • Woven Vinyl Linen Look 5108
  • Woven Vinyl Quilt 2Q05
  • Woven Vinyl Rattan 2301
  • Woven Vinyl Shapes. Visit us to experience the amazing possibilities to design your own floor!
  • Woven Vinyl Stripe 2115. To order. Minimum Quantities may apply. Please contact us.
  • Woven Vinyl Twill 2202
  • Woven Vinyl Twill 2202
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